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How to Care for your Divinity Luxe Eyelash Extensions

To maintain your new look and extend the life of your lashes, follow these simple guidelines:

You can not get your lashes wet or expose them to any moisture for the first 48 hours.  That includes steam from the shower. Tip: Shower with your back to the stream of water.

Do not pull on the extensions , rub, pick at or sleep on your lashes!

Brush your lashes as needed with a clean mascara wand, never brush them while they are wet.

Avoid the use of oil-based products on or around the eyelashes.


Do not use mascara of any kind.

Do not use pencil or cream/gel eyeliners.

Use oil free makeup removers! We recommend Neutrogena makeup wipes!

Infection prevention is in your hands! Cleanse your lash extensions daily with the Luxe Lash Lather kit. Be sure to focus on the lash line. How to cleanse:

1. Wet your cleansing brush.

2. Use one pump of lash cleanser.

3. Swirl the cleansing brush into your lash line.

4. Rinse thoroughly!

5. Air dry your lashes ( or use a blow dryer on cool or hand held fan).


Cleansing  "dont's": Never use cotton pads, q tips or your mascara wand to cleanse. Never bury your face into a towel. 

Fill Ins are strongly suggested routinely. We suggest two week fill ins for optimal lash retention. 

If you love your lashes...Take care of them!

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